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May 23, 2018

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December 22, 2016

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Whatever it Takes!

May 23, 2018

While it went against my grain, I committed to doing a six-week wellness challenge at Cycleup, the premier cycling spin business in our community. As a crotchety old guy, I don’t like accountability. This challenge was based on fitness, weight loss and earning Team points. While I have been leading a pretty healthy lifestyle and staying active, my preference is to do what I want, when I want and eat what I want.


My wife has a way of encouraging me. Just as she got me into running several years ago, she nudged me into this Challenge. She knew that it would be good for me and it was. There were many reasons I could say no, but I chose to say yes.  


Once the decision was made, we chose to be on the KRUSHERS Team with the super buff Wendell Mitchell. (Sadly this picture cuts off his arm. He's strong!) Wendell drives people to their personal bests.



I was leaning toward the also buff Heather Flebbe, who I thought may be easier and seemed so "nice." As it turns out, through taking some of her classes, there is nothing easy about them, but she is nice. 





All the teachers at Cycleup motivate and drive you to do your best. I have come to appreciate both Wendell and Heather, even though Heather led the Fireballs, our competition. The KRUSHERS also had Cycleup instructor Jackie Tallarido working with Wendell to make our Team great. I believe over the six weeks, we KRUSHED it. 




The theme for KRUSHERS was "Whatever it Takes," which is a great catch phrase, but it also makes a powerful statement. Will you do “Whatever it Takes” to succeed? What does that mean for you?


Thundering, driving music drives spin and we had a great song to motivate our Team. I was not familiar with Whatever it Takes from Imagine Dragons, but this tune is now on my fitness playlist. The driving beat in this song has motivated my cycling and running. If you don’t know it, here’s a link.    


In the Challenge, to get maximum points for your Team, we needed to do at least three classes a week and show up to be weighed. I did that and more. The KRUSHERS had an nice group do a healthy uphill hike to the Hollywood sign, which is something I’ve wanted to for a while. Hiking to this iconic location with my KRUSHERS Team was special. It was an awesome day to be on a mountain looking down at Hollywood.


Part of the Challenge was an optional two-hour ride. Doing this terrified me. I did it because I was committed to doing “Whatever it Takes.” Wendell and Heather both led this class, which was truly a highlight for me. Getting through the two hours was an accomplishment and way more FUN than I thought it would be. I worked hard burning almost 1500 calories and riding over 27 miles.


Most of the spin classes are 45 minutes, but Annette Allen, another motivator for me on this journey teaches a 30-minute Cycle Express class. One of the reasons I was so scared of the two-hour class, was I knew how hard 30 and 45 minutes rides were...but two hours. Really? It seemed nuts, but it was rewarding to get that TWO HOUR ride done! 


Included was access to YogaWorks, the premier yoga studio in our town. Annette teaches there, and I was able to experience the benefits of yoga. People told me I should do yoga and now I know what that is about. 


Based on my initial weigh-in, the goal of my Challenge was to lose 10.8 pounds and lower my body fat. I lost 15 pounds and just slightly missed the body fat goal number, but I was OK with that. I felt I did what it took to support my Team and accomplish my goals.  


Reflecting on everything that happened in the six weeks, I felt satisfaction...fighting through injuries that came with pain. I tried not to whine too much about my issues and how much pain I was in at times. (My wife would say I did whine too much.) There were good classes and classes I thought were a fail, but ultimately I stretched myself in ways I never thought possible. 


One of the things that I love about the fitness community is the encouragement that comes from participating in something like this. There are relationships built as like- minded people get together. As a Team we encouraged each other on our journey, and that drove individual and Team successes. 


In our personal and professional lives, we all face challenges. If we stay focused on the goal and work hard, I believe we can overcome the fears we may have. We can succeed in ways that may surprise us. To get to where we want to go, we need to do “Whatever it Takes.” 


And the winner of the Challenge between the KRUSHERS and the Fireballs is...

THE KRUSHERS!! We won! It's all in good fun of course, but let's be real. Winning is better than losing. 




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