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December 22, 2016

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What I Think About on a Two and a Half Hour Run?

November 14, 2015



I suppose the real question is why would anyone care what rolls through my head on a run…or anytime? Most people don’t care…so if you this is not of interest don’t read further. This is a blog post, so it’s just my random thoughts that I share for whatever they are worth.






It takes me a long time do long miles. This run was 9 miles on my half marathon-training schedule and was a beautiful Saturday morning with an awesome sunrise. Like many people, run, hikes, cycling rides times are when I think. Sometimes I come up with brilliant ideas, or at least I think they are brilliant.


Using the app Evernote, I talked into my phone with a few thoughts during this run. A couple times people heard me and may have thought I was a bit crazy. It’s OK is people think I’m crazy. Here are a few things that went through my head on my 2 and half hour run.


I’m grateful for Dr Nelson Soo Hoo at UCLA who did my ankle fusion surgery. This surgery I was so scared to do, saved me from being a cripple for the rest of my life. I’m thankful for my friends at Team Runners Lane who have encouraged me from the start…and Flo T. Mina who leads us. I love her “Flospirations” (words of encouragement) before we run. One “Flospiration” I embrace was when we did 10 miles for the first time. She said, “Double digits are in your head”. 10 miles is really just one more mile than 9 miles. Simple, but quite accurate.


My ADD brain rolls into SuccessFit4Life!™, the information focused program that was created to share, inspire and motivate others to get off the couch and do what they can to stay healthy. In my business life I’ve won some national awards for marketing creativity. I tend to think outside the box. SuccessFit4Life! was birthed from my personal journey of realizing that anyone at any age can get up and start moving. I often ponder this when running.


When we talk about SuccessFit4Life!, I want to be clear that success is not defined by money or position, but by succeeding with the goals you define whatever they. It’s true that many successful people tend to be to disciplined, but whatever you do is better than doing nothing.


At 3 miles I’m feeling pretty good. This 9 mile route is Buster Hill backwards. Buster Hill is a classic part of our running route. The thing about a hill is when you go up, you also go down, which is nice. I try to pick up a little speed on the downhill, which for me is really like going less slow.


At just over 5 miles my mind is wandering. I’m thinking about the Success4Life! program again and my search for a corporate health and wellness tracking system. It frustrates me to no end that companies don’t respond to inquiries to buy a product like this. They are out there. These businesses, including some big recognizable names, just don’t respond to inquiries. The hunt continues.


The run is moving along and I’ve been focusing on my form and really trying to remember what sports chiropractor Dr. Mark Barraza showed me about keeping my upper body lose and my arms moving evenly because that’s how my back got screwed up. It’s amazing how simple things can make a big difference.


At 6 and a half miles I realize this is half of a half marathon. 13.1 miles is a long distance and for my friends that are doing the marathon 26.2 is a REALLY long distance.


Goals are good. I have a goal to do this half marathon and will do it.













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